Pretty Little Liars Books

These books are incredible! Unfortunately I havent read all of the books, but I’m working on it. Sara Shepard is the author and should be praised! The TV series is a little different from the books but that only makes it better, then its like trying to put the clues together. I definitely suggest you read this series. Maybe you can read the books when the show is off-season. Let me know what you think!  


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    • The Books are so good everything is so different well not everything but alot of things are different from the show on the fact of how things happened but its pretty much the same it just happened differently lol. I would recommend these books to everyone who likes to read along with the series.

  1. i absolutely loveeeeeee PLL and im actually on the book heartless right now ! so siked to finish it im on chapter18 and have only been readin for like a day .

  2. i just started reading book 4, and i’m a little anoyed thad the TV show aren’t made like the book’s beacaus the book’s are soooo much better then the TV shows !! but gosh i love the book’s ❤

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