This Weeks Show 2/6

On Monday “The Naked Truth” aired at 8 and it was incredible. Im not going to go into detail about it becasue I ont want to spoil it, but it I willgive an overview of the show.

Rosewood high was having a truth night hosted at the school to let everyone have a safe enviroment tospeak the truth but in the end the school wasnt safe for anyone.

Aria is getting concerned about Holden because he had a bag of pills in his bag. Later when aria goes looking for Caleb Noel trys to pull her down off the ladder and then holden comes to save her. This frightened Aria but she was grateful for Holden. I think they would maek a cute couple:)

Spencer’s mom and dad are chaperoning the Truth Night but her dad “is busy” so jason (DiLaurentis) helps Spencers mom. The whole night Jason is trying to talk to Spencers father, and he starts fighting with spncer’s mother, but spencer doesnt know why. In the end Spencer puts the clues together to learn some really interesting news about her family.

Emily tries to stand up for herself about being bullied and not being allowed back on the school swim team. She argues with Mr. Tamborelli about being treated unfairlly. Mona and her sneak through the principals desk and are ready to blackmail him.

Hanna is still trying to deal with Kate. Does anyone like her??? She is rude and since the begginging of when she was on the show I hada weird vibe about her. Hanna is hated by everyone at the school because of the naked picture that everyone is acussing her of taking but in the end it wasnt her who took it…..


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