“Ctrl A”

On Monday “Ctrl A” was on and there was even more drama this week!

Emily had a great swim meet, and then had a party at Hanna’s house, she was super excited that her team did so great then Maya comes and is a downer to the whole party. Maya was worried because her parents found an “old” illegal substance in one of her boxes and is worried about being sent away to school again. Later that night Emily walks out to Maya smoking again and gets mad, Maya tries to put the blame on Emily but Emily sticks up for herself. Maya says the two of them can run away to San Fransisco but Emily says she can’t, Maya says ” You can’t even run away, for me?” I think this is to much of Maya to ask Emily because Emily has an entire life of her own with swim, school, family, and friends. Maya shouldn’t expect Emily to stop everything just to leave because Maya messed up.

Spencer is trying to avoid her family because of her dad. Spencer finally goes home to talk to her dad and she is disappointed in him, she can’t believe they’ve kept it from her, her whole life.Jason tells Spencer that he had found letters from their dad to Jason’s mom. Jason also found 15,000, and Jason thinks their dad paid Ally to be quiet about the whole situation.They fight and Jason storms out. He comes back later to apologize and they decide to work together to find out how Ally got that money.

Hanna is stressed when Caleb gets his laptop taken from the police and they try to delete everything but they can’t. Caleb tells Hanna why his password is so long. Later that night she has to go down to the police station and gets questioned about the picture of the three girls at the morgue. Her mom gets mad and tries to get Hanna to talk. Caleb goes down to the police station to talk about the laptop and tells Hanna to go to the “Hot Spot” she calls Spencer over to help her with the password and can’t figure it out until the last-minute and then the files get deleted and the officers cant find anything that could make Caleb go to jail. Hanna picks up Caleb and he’s proud that she figured it out.

Aria agrees to going on another “date” with Holden. She finds out that he has a bad heart condition and is even more worried about him fighting. He says it’s not a big deal but she still stressed about it. She makes plans to see Ezra at a new Vegan restaurant, the same night Holden has a competition. A knows that Aria is going out with Ezra and decides to let her dad Brian know. He still doesn’t trust Aria and realizes he should go just in case. Aria ends up canceling with Ezra just as he was about to walk into the same restaurant Brian was eating at. This really made me worried!! I think Ezra and Aria definitely shouldn’t try to eat out anymore.

In short, this was an intense week! But every time the show comes to an end I feel sad, because i know each week is getting closer to the finale:( On a happier note, I’ll try to add a new poll this week and new posts, so keep reading!


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