Breaking the Code

“Breaking the Code”  came on at 8 on 2/20 and there were some INTENSE parts!! I mean I literally jumped at one part!

Emily is waiting for Maya to call her back but, honestly I think Maya must have run away. Maya just cares about herself and got mad at Em. I feel bad for Emily though, she really loves Maya and just wants to work things out. Then out of no where Paige is back in the show, and tells Emily she told her parents the truth about herself. Later on during the show Emily runs into Paige outside of the Thai restaurant and they talk for a couple of minutes then Paige tries to kiss Emily! Emily was disgusted and couldn’t believe Paige. Throughout all of this relationship drama Emily still has to deal with A.

Hanna is having problems with Officer Wilden because he keeps harassing her and her mom. Then Mona starts getting messages from A and tells Hanna about it because it’s about Hanna and Ashley. The texts say that Mona has to either turn in Hanna and her mom for Hanna never getting into trouble for stealing the designer sunglasses or Mona has to turn herself in for stealing a necklace. Then Hanna’s mom finds the Police report A gave to Mona and goes to the Police station to talk to Officer Wilden and her explains to her that he never wrote that. A continues to send Mona notes, and Mona decided to go back to the jewelry store to return the stolen necklace.

Aria continues to see Ezra and tells her friends that she’s been seeing him. Ezra really thinks he should take the new job because it would be a good opportunity and Brian (Aria’s dad) thinks something is suspicious. Aria finds out that A was the one that sent Brian to the Vegan restaurant and was the one to tell Ella about Brian’s affair. Aria freaks out when Ezra starts talking about leaving because she is really in love with him. She starts crying right in front of him and then he just leaves!! That made it so much worse! She is then crying in her room when her mom walks in.Aria yells at her mom that Ezra is leaving and that they lost Aria too. Later that night Aria goes over to Ezra’s and then Ella comes to listen! It was extremely awkward! But they explain to her how they feel about each other. Ella knows Brian is acting to harsh but she is still uncomfortable with the two of them being together.

Spencer gets the money from Jason and meets the man with the A information. They gets ripped off because they just get an address. Caleb finds more of the video and Melissa is in it!!! They all jump to conclusions that she is the one that killed Ally, but spencer doesn’t believe it. She plans to meet with Melissa at a bar but Melissa cancels because of a class but Spencer saw her get into the car with Officer Garrett. Wren is at the bar and Spencer gets drunk and goes to his house. She complains about her crazy family and starts making out with him, she spent the night and is late for school. That night Melissa comes home to try to talk to Spence and they go out but Spencer forgets to turn off her laptop and forgets her phone.

The girls try to go to the address they get and the building is closed, Aria gets freaked out by an old man and they run home. Later on Hanna finds out that her mom has used that law firm before because Melissa worked there…

In short, PLL is getting even more intense every week! And there’s only 3 more shows until A is revealed! Let me know what you thought of the show. Keep reading!!


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