“Father knows Best”

Last night PLL was on and I thought it was great, but it was slow compared to usual.  Throughout the night there was more talking involved, while usually its action packed. The father-daughter dance gave the show more of a calm vibe because the girls had to “behave” with their dads.]

Aria wanted to see Ezra but she never did because her dad was super strict and has his eyes on her every minute of the day!! She wasnt planning on going to the dance with her dad because of the tension, but Mike convinced her that it would be suspicious if she didn’t go. She decided to go and then she left early because she realized that she needs to go lie to Hanna’s mom. Towards the end of the show she gets a call from Jona saying that there were multiple spots from where the A threats were coming from. The very last scene Aria puts on the red peacoat that was “Vivian’s” and a man thought Aria was Vivian.

Hanna is worried about Mona getting texts about A. Hanna doesn’t know that her mom found the police report, and when her mom asks about it she freaks out. Hanna’s dad can’t make the dance it this makes Hanna sad but her mom decides to go with her. Hanna and Mona see Officer Wilden and Ashley together and Hanna questions her, she replies by saying that she’s worried about Hanna and asks for her phone. Hanna responds by throwing her phone in the sink. Hanna is phone less!

Emily is still worried about Maya and is constantly calling her. Emily’s dad comes for the dance and they spend their whole time looking for clues about where Maya is. They go to the train station and find out that Maya bought a ticket for a San Fransisco train but left with a man in a dark car. This worries Emily, but she can’t do anything about it. Maya finally calls back but Emily misses it. At the dance Emily finds out that her dad is going back to fight in the war and is leaving for six months. unfortunately he is leaving that night and Emily didn’t even know, they spent all their time just looking for Maya when they could have been together having fun.

Spencer talks to Melissa and Melissa tells her that she has been talking to Officer Garrett, which isn’t good news for the girls. Spencer knows that Melissa isn’t A and she is trying to convince everyone that she isnt. Her dad buys her a diamond necklace, and Melissa and her it’s probably a bribe. Spencer doesn’t want to believe this. Spncer looks into her dads desk and there was a withdraw of 15,000 in cash the month Ally went missing. Spencer gets mad and tells her dad that she saw that note. Spencer and her dad leave the dance early because spncer is mad. Spencer’s Dad asked if she took anything out of the desk and she hadn’t but a gun is missing from his desk. The police come to check it out and Spncer finds out that the money was for a private investigator because spncers dad was worried that Melissa was going to get framed for Allys murder. He thought this because Melissa was sending threats and mean texts to Ally. Later that night Melissa sneaks up on Spencer and tells her that she’s leaving and if she ever needs to come and stay with her she can.  

Aria’s mom and Hanna’s mom want to let the police know about the A that seems to be messing with their girls. I don’t think this is a good idea because the police have been making it worse for the girls. All four girls go that ethe location of where more of the text were coming from and there was a store with dolls that look exactly like the ones A has sent them before. This episode had a lot of talking and wasnt that exciting but hopefully it will get better and more crazy! Hope you enjoyed the show! let me know what you thought of the show! keep reading!


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