Can you believe all this A drama was figured out with gum? Thats crazy! Monas gum and the gum in the book gave it all away! Spencer was really smart about outting those two together!! If only the girls knew sooner!! I wonder if all the A team eats Spearmint gum?



Honestly when  look at these photos im scared of Mona! She looks so creepy! She looks EVIL! I just wanted to post these to show how crazy she is! And after all the girls have gone through mona is still perfectly fine! Even her thoughts are scary! Keep reading

Mona is A!!

I know Mona has always been jealous but i didnt think she could be that cruel and torture all the girls! how could she be A? after everything the girls have done to apoligize to her!! Anyway doesnt she look so creepy in the photo?!?!?! Comment about how you feel about her. Keep reading!

Summer Premiere

I have good news for everyone!! Pretty Little Liars starts again on June 5th! that’s not to far away!! If you think about it it’s really only a couple of month!! And im sure this season will be better than ever. after ending on such a dramatic night they HAVE to make this season amazing! The next show airs on June 5th at 8. Dont forget. Keep reading

A Day

A day is over:( I already miss the series! They producers should have made last nights show two hours since is was the season finale! but anyway, while I was posting last night I didn’t realize that you guys could be having different opinions about the girls, A, etc. So I want you all to comment about what you thought of the show. My opinion might be annoying to some of you, so when you post I’ll have a feeling how you felt about the show. Thanks.. Comment underneath, Keep reading!!

Continued A.. The ending…

Ok before the break the show was crazy and is playing out exactly like the books!! So i guess there is an A team… In the book Mona dies, so I don’t know what will happen but Mona tried to kill Spencer.

The police just got to the incident and Dr. Sullivan got there and A threatened her son so she couldn’t help the girls. Poor Hanna, i feel so bad for her she really thought Mona and her were friends. Mona looks so scary! she looks crazy! And she is totally feeling fine! her thoughts are even crazy! Toby!! YAY!! I knew he could be good:) He helped Dr. Sullivan! Oh no!! Emily’s house is locked down!! They think Maya is dead! they found a body and her mom said they think its Maya! wow i feel like crying!! Emily looks so sad!!and is crying like crazy! Mona visiter was in a red jacket like Vivian Darkbloom. “I did everything you asked me too.”

Thats the end!! and it was crazy ill blog tomroow