This week! DRAMATIC

Well I havent been posting  much lately because I’ve been really busy, but whoever watched PLL on Monday is still probably creeped out!!! Everything about the show was intense! when I was sitting on the couch I felt like A was right behind me!! And can we just find out who A is?!?!?!?!? I’m really getting anxious about who A is… Who is A? The doll shop was scary! then when that doll starting talking I was freaking out! I was worried when Byron and Ella wanted Aria to go to a boarding school. and when she started back talking I thought she was brave! I couldn’t believe she said all of that stuff! When Ella said she was ashamed of Aria I was sort of mad, I thought Aria should have talked back! the little boy who was from the doll shop was CREEPY! I thought he was amazing that he told the girls all of the info, but he was so awkward it was weird! Keep Reading!!


That part was FREAKY! And now I can’t get that out of my head!!


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