Continue A Day

This is the craziest night of Pretty Little Liars and Im just trying to keep up with all of the drama!! all im doing is writing about everything im watching…

So A is definetly a girl!! and she is Black swan!! HAnna just saw her and wondered who she was but just looked away. Mona has the same gum that was in ALlys diary. There has tp be more than one A!! Mona is definetly A, she never called Hanna and she just slapped Spncer.. The black Swan just left.. Mona is drving crazy and has SPncer is freaked out. YOu can join the A team or get killed. Mona is part of A!! “You b****** underestimated me!” Mona is crazy! “Melissa doenst have your dads gun, i do.”  Hanna almosy killed Mona and now Mona is hurting spencer.. Mona just fell down the hill and they are all crying! i couldnt believe Mona!! Comercial


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