Continued A day Show

It was just commercial, and the Hunger games looks good!!

Aria is walking into that weird mirrored area!! Ezra is back!! I don’t think they should be out in public! it scares me!! Hanna and Caleb are such a CUTE couple! Oh my gosh this is playing out like the books!! Mona and Spencer together alone! I hope they do find something but I just don’t know about this!! And ALly was watching A!! Ezra and Aria shouldnt be out dancing in front of everybody! Somebody is going to see them!! WAIT!! Ezra just took the masks off! Arias dad is going to be there or something bad and everybody is going to freak out!! Mona and Spencer just walked into the A room and the room is so scary!! Pictures everywhere!! of Ally and clowns it’s so creepy!! Paige and Emily aren’t a very good couple… No offense. i just feel like they would be awkward. All these pictures are so weird!! And the dolls! “A is dressed as the black swan”


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