Continued A Day

Nows its morning. And i guess nothing happened when Emily left. A is a creeper!! And how did the girls now notice the hole in the wall? DOnt forget anything!! Why does Spencer keep going back to Toby?!?!? Wren is way better!! She needs to understand that he will always be obsessed with Jenna!! Jenna can see for sure now!! She is so evil!! How can she be so rude and lie to everyone? A is definitely working with Jenna! Never give that phone to A!! YAY!! Caleb’s here!! I’m glad for Hanna! But Mona is still kinda secretive! And Spencer’s right, Mona is a great friend!! But i feel bad for Mona!! Ally was so mean! Mona should have told Spencer sooner about Ally. Who was Ally watching? I wish Mona knew who Ally was watching! Aria is falling for A! And went be herself!! And it was Jenna!!





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