First part of A day show

I’m trying to keep in time with the show, so don’t let me know whats going on ahead of time:) Just joking, just don’t spoil who A is!! I’m kinda just gonna be writing about what im thinking about during the show…..

I’m glad Garrett is in prison!! He was always creepy!! And Jenna is totally playing everybody! I don’t think that garret killed Ally, but I don’t know for sure. He probably did become a police officer just to get back at Ally and to help Jenna. And Melissa is acting so weird! The way she talked to Aria was weird! I wish Melissa would stop defending everybody! A is getting really good at torturing the girls! I hope they don’t fall for the A tricks again! They always just do what A wants! And what does A want?? The phone? Weird how Hide and Seek was their favortie game!! everything is a coincidence!! Spencer is definetly SMARTER!! Poor Mona, but i feel like she is still kinda weird. Thats so weird that they are all in his apartment!! That was awkward about the bed!! How come the girls never figured this out before? This is definetly creepy! i just jumped when that thing rna infront of the car! That gotel is the weirdest hotel ever! i hope they dont go inside!! ill post during commercials





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