Can you believe all this A drama was figured out with gum? Thats crazy! Monas gum and the gum in the book gave it all away! Spencer was really smart about outting those two together!! If only the girls knew sooner!! I wonder if all the A team eats Spearmint gum?



Honestly when  look at these photos im scared of Mona! She looks so creepy! She looks EVIL! I just wanted to post these to show how crazy she is! And after all the girls have gone through mona is still perfectly fine! Even her thoughts are scary! Keep reading

Mona is A!!

I know Mona has always been jealous but i didnt think she could be that cruel and torture all the girls! how could she be A? after everything the girls have done to apoligize to her!! Anyway doesnt she look so creepy in the photo?!?!?! Comment about how you feel about her. Keep reading!