Pretty Little Liars is on soon!

Dont worry everyone, PLL is on soon! We dont have to worry any longer we now know that on June 5th the show will be on! Thank goodness! That isnt long away so we all have something to look forward to! Soon our mondays will be filled with DRAMA! Keep reading!



Can you believe all this A drama was figured out with gum? Thats crazy! Monas gum and the gum in the book gave it all away! Spencer was really smart about outting those two together!! If only the girls knew sooner!! I wonder if all the A team eats Spearmint gum?

Mona is A!!

I know Mona has always been jealous but i didnt think she could be that cruel and torture all the girls! how could she be A? after everything the girls have done to apoligize to her!! Anyway doesnt she look so creepy in the photo?!?!?! Comment about how you feel about her. Keep reading!

Summer Premiere

I have good news for everyone!! Pretty Little Liars starts again on June 5th! that’s not to far away!! If you think about it it’s really only a couple of month!! And im sure this season will be better than ever. after ending on such a dramatic night they HAVE to make this season amazing! The next show airs on June 5th at 8. Dont forget. Keep reading

A Day

A day is over:( I already miss the series! They producers should have made last nights show two hours since is was the season finale! but anyway, while I was posting last night I didn’t realize that you guys could be having different opinions about the girls, A, etc. So I want you all to comment about what you thought of the show. My opinion might be annoying to some of you, so when you post I’ll have a feeling how you felt about the show. Thanks.. Comment underneath, Keep reading!!

Continue A Day

This is the craziest night of Pretty Little Liars and Im just trying to keep up with all of the drama!! all im doing is writing about everything im watching…

So A is definetly a girl!! and she is Black swan!! HAnna just saw her and wondered who she was but just looked away. Mona has the same gum that was in ALlys diary. There has tp be more than one A!! Mona is definetly A, she never called Hanna and she just slapped Spncer.. The black Swan just left.. Mona is drving crazy and has SPncer is freaked out. YOu can join the A team or get killed. Mona is part of A!! “You b****** underestimated me!” Mona is crazy! “Melissa doenst have your dads gun, i do.”  Hanna almosy killed Mona and now Mona is hurting spencer.. Mona just fell down the hill and they are all crying! i couldnt believe Mona!! Comercial

Continued A day Show

It was just commercial, and the Hunger games looks good!!

Aria is walking into that weird mirrored area!! Ezra is back!! I don’t think they should be out in public! it scares me!! Hanna and Caleb are such a CUTE couple! Oh my gosh this is playing out like the books!! Mona and Spencer together alone! I hope they do find something but I just don’t know about this!! And ALly was watching A!! Ezra and Aria shouldnt be out dancing in front of everybody! Somebody is going to see them!! WAIT!! Ezra just took the masks off! Arias dad is going to be there or something bad and everybody is going to freak out!! Mona and Spencer just walked into the A room and the room is so scary!! Pictures everywhere!! of Ally and clowns it’s so creepy!! Paige and Emily aren’t a very good couple… No offense. i just feel like they would be awkward. All these pictures are so weird!! And the dolls! “A is dressed as the black swan”

Continued A Day

Nows its morning. And i guess nothing happened when Emily left. A is a creeper!! And how did the girls now notice the hole in the wall? DOnt forget anything!! Why does Spencer keep going back to Toby?!?!? Wren is way better!! She needs to understand that he will always be obsessed with Jenna!! Jenna can see for sure now!! She is so evil!! How can she be so rude and lie to everyone? A is definitely working with Jenna! Never give that phone to A!! YAY!! Caleb’s here!! I’m glad for Hanna! But Mona is still kinda secretive! And Spencer’s right, Mona is a great friend!! But i feel bad for Mona!! Ally was so mean! Mona should have told Spencer sooner about Ally. Who was Ally watching? I wish Mona knew who Ally was watching! Aria is falling for A! And went be herself!! And it was Jenna!!